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Labrador Retriever Training Tips

Labrador Retriever Training Tips


The Labrador retriever is one of the most popular dog breeds among pet owners. These dogs are known for their friendly, warm and energetic nature that endears them to owners. If you are thinking about taking a Labrador retriever puppy as your pet of choice, it is important that you have a list of dog training tips you can use to train it into a great pet indoors and outdoors. Since these dogs are quite intelligent and energetic, training them is simple and most importantly fun.

Follow the tips below to train your Labrador retriever puppy into a great pet and friend.


Once you bring your Labrador retriever home, it is important that you train it to respect some boundaries, especially at home. One of the best ways of training dogs to respect space boundaries is by providing a crate or pillow where the dog can rest, or play around without interfering with others. Once the puppy learns to respect these boundaries you can be sure that it will not end up tearing apart your entire house playing or venting.

Introduce the Puppy to its Surroundings

Dogs, including Labrador retrievers, usually bark for a number of reasons. Anxiety is one of the common reasons why dogs bark when they are introduced to new surroundings. To ensure that your new pet does not drive you mad, barking unnecessarily, it is recommended that you take the time to introduce it to its new surroundings by following our tips on training dogs. This should be done both indoors and outdoors. As it gets comfortable in its new surroundings, your new pet will assume a calm demeanor.


As the name suggests, the Labrador retriever was bred for retrieving. As such, it is important that you train it to master what comes naturally to it. A simple game of fetch is all you need to get this dog to sharpen its natural retriever traits. One of the best puppy training tips to keep in mind is to use a treat as a reward every time your puppy brings back the toy. It is also recommended that you refrain from chasing the dog in case it runs away with the toy. In no time the dog will be happy to have a toy thrown for it to retrieve even without a reward.


Labrador retrievers love swimming. However, you will have to introduce your puppy to swimming before it can do what comes naturally. Swimming training for Labrador retrievers mainly encompasses simply introducing the pet to water and helping it get used to being around it. A great tip on how to train a dog swimming is to walk it along a narrow stretch of water, pausing to allow it get used to the feeling. In not time, your new pet will be looking forward to swimming.

Remember that you need to repeat the above tips over and over regularly to make the Labrador retriever training exercise a success.

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