Wednesday, 1 February 2017

Quick Tips on How to Train Your Golden Retriever

Tips on How to Train Your Golden Retriever

In order to learn how to train a golden retriever successfully, you must always ensure that you use positive methods of training. Do not get disheartened if it seems that your dog is not picking the first couple of lessons. Remember that each dog is unique, with some dogs having the ability to learn immediately while others require patience and repetition. Here are some golden retriever training tips to get you started.

Crate Training
One of the core parts of training golden retrievers is teaching them about where they should be relaxing whenever you are not supervising them. Something that you should never do when you learn how to train your golden retriever is using the crate as a form of punishment. Rather, you should spend some time with your golden retriever when he or she is in the crate to allow them to get familiarized to it.

Crating is an essential part of how to train golden retriever, particularly early on when young puppies like to eat and chew on anything when you are not around. By teaching your dog how to use the crate constructively, they will not chew or eat anything that has the potential of harming them or destroying your stuff.
Obedience Training

To learn how to train your golden retriever, you must be ready to teach your dog to understand your words. The most crucial words that you should focus on in golden retriever training are “good” and “no”. These two words either offer praise or correction to your dog or must be started very early on. Ensure that you teach these two words properly using the right tone and body language to foster obedience.

Avoid Dog Treats Training

Even though most dogs really love treats, it is critical that you do not depend on these treats when teaching good behavior. This is the most common mistake that many owners when it comes to how to train a golden retriever. The main issue with using dog treats for training golden retrievers is the fact that is based on your dog deciding when is hungry enough to perform the activities you want. Treats should only be used as motivates when teaching your dog fun things like tricks, but not obedience.

Be Consistent

For any golden retriever training to provide decent results, it requires that the owners be consistent. Even though a golden retriever is already a smart dog by nature, most of what these dogs learn is due to repetition and consistency. Make sure that all rules about handling the dog in your household are followed by everyone to avoid confusing your dog.

Finally, realize that training golden retrievers takes time and is not something that you can do in one single session. Additionally, always create a relaxing training environment and take time to ensure that the dog understands your commands.

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