Wednesday, 1 February 2017

Solution To Your Dog Aggression

Solving your dog’s Aggression Problem

Finding solution to your dog aggression is almost impossible but you could learn how to control it and you could also discover ways to completely overcome it.
The greatest solution to your dog aggression problem is to become the “apple of his eye” and to win his focus.
Understanding what your pup is looking at, and the moment he notices it, is essential if you have a dog with aggression issues.
In case you aren’t taking note of what he’s seeing and his behavioural symptoms the instant they appear, you’re left to noticing while he’s already in the demonstrate of an aggressive outburst.
Once your dog starts growling, lunging, baring enamel and pulling at the chain, by this time it will be too late to try making adjustments to his conduct or even control him.
You then start dragging him away embarrassingly or trying to throw yourself in the front of him so that he can’t visualize the cause aggression any longer.
Solution to dog aggression
All dogs can be absolved of all their anger issues and instill a sense of peace and calmness in them using the ultimate techniques – Eye to Eye Contact and Focus Technique
I simply teach him eye contact and make sure he always focuses on me!
This is because they require very high level of obedience! I find it really absolutely inspiring.
The first thing to ensure is that you look down at your dog to see in which way he is looking and to circumstance surrounding his behaviour.  But once the actions is conditioned, you can look forward and most effectively glance down at your dog in case you sense  adjustments in his behaviours that denote stress or that he is looking at something different.

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